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    Real estate is Rong Qiao Group’s core business module.
    We have the grade-1 qualification for real estate development.
    Property Management
    Port and Industrial Village
    Decoration and Landscaping


  • Rong Qiao Sedbergh SchoolA high-end international bilingual school created by Rong Qiao Group together with the renowned Sedbergh private school, which has a 500-year history in Britain
  • Rong Qiao Maternal and Baby Care CenterThe first high-end care facility for pregnant women and newborns
  • CommerceRong Qiao actively promotes research and development and innovation in the field of culture and commerce, integrating culture and art into every commercial project of Rong Qiao to create commercial properties with a unique cultural and artistic temperament.
  • EducationThe idea of compound real estate development forges the core of urban culture.
  • Health CareA Multi-Level Health Care System Empowers Communities and Cities.
  • HotelsFrom the perspective of asset management, Rong Qiao hotels division has begun to take shape. In the future, Rong Qiao will continue to explore the acquisition of high-quality hotel brands around the world.
  • AgricultureIndustry-wide Operation of Modern Agriculture
  • Brand Culture

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